Training modules

Label Academy modules cover a growing number of technical and business topics. Please select from the current options below.

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Conventional label printing processes

This module provides an overview of all the conventional printing processes associated with the self-adhesive label industry. These include letterpress, lithography, flexography, screen printing, gravure and combination printing. Label press configurations and ancillary equipment is also included. 

Digital label and package printing

This module covers all the key processes associated with digital printing of labels and packaging. These include an overview of the competing technologies, the key printing presses, substrate selection, pre-press strategies, finishing options, and workflow solutions.

Environmental performance and sustainable labeling

This module presents all the key considerations in terms of sustainability, including climate change and how it affects the label industry. It includes legislative requirements, industry standards and how label printers can reduce waste through material selection, design and production performance.

Label design and origination

This module will examine the developments that have taken place in the prepress arena and will explore in detail the progress of a typical label job from design rough through to its arrival on the printing press. This includes design and origination, preparation for printing, proofing artwork, prepress output and supply chain issues.

Label dispensing and application technology

This module demonstrates the ways in which pressure-sensitive labels can be effectively dispensed and applied using: modern label dispensers, hand labelers, print and apply solutions, semi-automatic, fully automatic and rotary label applicators and linerless application systems. Troubleshooting tips and guidelines are also included.

Codes and coding technology

This module provides an up-to-date guide to understanding current barcode symbology, types of codes, scanning and verification equipment, printing technology, and industry standards.

Label embellishments and special applications

This module provides detail on more traditional methods of label enhancement using foiling, embossing and novel printing techniques, but it will give equal weight to the new technologies and innovations that are allowing packaging to engage a wider range of human senses.

Die-cutting and tooling

This module provides an overview of the complex and vital role die-cutting and tooling plays. Through a series of explanations, it provides a detailed look at modern tooling technology – how the tools are manufactured, their use and applications, and how they should be handled and stored.

Brand protection, security labeling and packaging

This module highlights brand protection and security labeling solutions, including the latest hi-tech methods, such as RFID, taggants, electronic article surveillance (EAS) techniques and holograms. Guidance on developing brand protection and security labeling systems and procedures is also provided.

MIS and workflow automation systems

This module explores MIS and workflow automation systems, aiding the choice and implementing of suitable systems and technologies.

Shrink sleeve technology

This module examines shrink sleeve technology, addressing film, ink, printing and processing stages to improve quality, prevent errors and correct potential faults