Welcome to the Label Academy, a global training program for the label and package printing industry

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Each module is supported by a textbook, written by some of the leading experts in the industry. Books are available in printed format from Amazon.com and its regional sites.

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The Label Academy consists of a series of self-study modules, combining free access to relevant articles and videos with paid text books.

In addition to self-study options, accredited training courses will be promoted through the Label Academy website.

Benefits for employers:

  • Implement a more professional recruitment, induction and employee development program
  • Sales teams can become more knowledgeable and competent in creating a more consultancy-based selling approach to new business
  • Implement a knowledge based career path and employee growth opportunity to encourage employee retention and reduce staff turnover

Benefits for employees:

  • Professional commitment by a potential employer to an employees role, education and training
  • Transferable skills knowledge and competency towards promotion and new job opportunities
  • Better understand the technology, materials and business processes they use